The Premier Commercial Roofing Contractor Serving Metro Oklahoma City and the Surrounding Area

With over 40+yrs of Experience, Ground Zero Roofing & Construction should be your first call after a storm rips through and your commercial building needs roof replacement or repair.

We are commercial roofers based in Oklahoma City with an additional branch in Louisianna (We are also certified in Arkansas, Texas, and Kansas) specializing in the roofing of commercial buildings such as retail outlets or warehouses, serving customers all across the Metro Oklahoma City Area and Surrounding Areas. We also complete residential roofing projects.

Cutting-edge commercial roofing solutions for your business

Innovative roofing systems and our commitment to quality workmanship have made us the go-to roofing Contractor for roof replacement after a storm lays waste to your roof.

No matter what the extent of the roof damage, our Roofing Contractor can guide you to the best solution – be it complete roof replacement, a metal roof retrofit or alternative repair methods. All Ground Zero Roofing & Construction roofs are extremely durable and made to save you money by decreasing energy use. The best part: our commercial roofs come with the best warranties in the industry so you don’t have to worry about hail damage.

Trust the local guys

During storm season, hundreds of roofing companies show up in the plains for a piece of the pie. Trust the leading commercial roofer based in Metro Oklahoma City Area. We don’t want to interrupt your schedule or building activity, so we work quickly and efficiently to complete the project.

High-performance commercial roofing systems and industry-leading warranties make Ground Zero Roofing & Construction the best choice among our competitors.

Before you call your insurance…

Let us inspect your roof before you call your insurance if you have sustained damage, including hail damage.

  • Knowing the extent of the damage before you call the insurance saves you money and keeps insurance premiums down.
  • Not all damage is visible right away.
  • Ground Zero Roofing & Construction brings best practices to the table and is the top choice for commercial roofing.

We handle your insurance claims

We apply our vast knowledge of the insurance claims process and commercial roofing experience to work tailoring a claim that will lead to the best resolution for you.

Our commercial roofing contractor will come to you!

We deliver fast and clean installation, quality work, and exceptional customer service. If you need roof repairs, would like an inspection, or want us to work with your insurance company, we are ready to serve all throughout the Metro Oklahoma City Area, Louisianna, Arkansas, Texas, and Kansas.

Call us today!